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Latest version STILLL crashes

Updated version 2.22.2 still has this problem. PLEASE FIX I’ve been using this app together with my nextcloud instance and all has been working beautifully. However, installed this latest update (2.22.1) and now the open doesn’t even open. It just flashes briefly then crashes. Please fix ASAP.

Stable, reliable cloud client

The client plugged in easily to my existing server, which I've had going for 6+ months. Transitioning from the Android version was a piece of cake. I use this to store photos.

.odt files arent natively supported?

I cant view odt files natively in the app? 🤔

Good app but lacks Face ID support

DO NOT enable “Touch ID” if you have Face ID. Completely goofs up and I had a hard time disabling it. On than that it works as it should and lets me grab files out on the go as well as upload files, photos and video. Nice for remote backups while on vacation. Fix the Face ID issue and you’ll earn a few more stars.

Great when it works

The latest version is very slow to open documents/images. It shows loading screen for 3-4 mins before opening the file ( the file is only couple hundred kb) The app was running fine until few days ago but started getting request timeouts for everything I do after I upgraded the disk to a 1tb drive. The web interface weeks perfectly fine it's just the app. I have the same issue from my wife's phone as well. Cannot use the app now as cannot auto upload photos nor access files from the storage.



dark theme

Hi, the whole concept of nextcloud work’s great, but I would like to see dark theme option in new version of app. Thank you and keep to be amazing like always :)

Great file management!

I am so glad I had to drop Dropbox because their clients no longer support my file system. Nextcloud’s clients are better, plus using my own server means I know what’s happening to my data. Thank you so much!!!!

No auto upload

Auto upload isn’t working in the background (no matter any gps settings). Please introduce FaceID as well. Thank you.

Error 413

I can upload large videos on my Samsung phone but get error 413 on any video I try to update load with iOS. Please Fix!

Broken app

Set up the server, web connect works but the app states unable to connect. If it gets fixed I’ll change my review.

I love the idea, but hate the fact

The NextCloud thing is amazing. You can buy a Raspberry Pi .. install a chip HDD on it. And you have you personal cloud. That you can use to share files and media between all you devices, whenever they are. But iOS app is glitchy. Plus, what the reason to have a cloud if files are not synced automatically, whenever you are in network. Windows phones app is just a Web-DAV client. So I hope support will read this comment - this is my message to them.

Please fix auto upload

Auto upload does NOT work in the background. The idea of the app requiring your location to function is ridiculous enough, but it doesn't even work.... This is a major issue, as pictures/videos can be deleted by 3rd parties before the app can be opened for upload. **Updated review** Still awaiting end-to-end encryption as well

Not a Bad!! 😀

While I’d like to see the app run better or it have even more bells and whistles; the fact remains it’s an entire Dropbox on a Raspberry Pi. I used Ubuntu Server and snap option stable with berryboot on a Raspberry Pi 3. It’s so solid it can run months and works perfectly with iPad, iPhone, droid, MacBook and other Ubuntu Linux (use owncloud). The iPad interface and pdf’s are flawless. Home use over http works fine. The software gets better and better every version.

Not fast. Missing features in Android app.

Upload a few thousand photos and the app will crash when scrolling under “photos”.

Camera upload is broken

Camera upload is broken. I keep getting error 413. I’ve spent a lot of time troubleshooting.



Doesn’t work with WebDAV

Apple’s robust Files app has already brought all my clouds in one place. The only thing missing is WebDAV NextCloud fails splendidly in connecting to the WebDAV server and hence is fairly useless for personal use.

The best private cloud software.

Excellent program, both server and client apps.


the pdf viewer in the app is lacking a search feature, is there a way to open PDFs in an external app or add a search feature to the in-app pdf viewer? Otherwise, I can’t go a day without using this app, or nextcloud in general. Thank you!

No sound on videos !!!

I love nextcloud, its fast and smooth, i only got one problem, there's no sound on my videos when i play them? Opening the video on VLC the sound works but inside nextcloud app it doesn't! I hope y'all can fix it. Bless up.

Great “service” but...

It’d be five stars if the app had native integration that came with iOS 11!


I have this because my job uses Nextcloud for our email system however I can’t get emails to work through their app or just regularly. If someone knows how I would be more than happy to change rating. Otherwise it’s useless for me

Love it so far

They are quick to incorporate my feature suggestion (scroll bar for photos) and works very well.




Considering this is for system that you set up yourself, and requires a good amount of technical knowledge… This app integrates very smoothly with it and requires very little effort to use. I have appreciated its improvements over time as well.

The best cloud!

The best cloud to keep all private information at yours own hardware!

Well made but a little buggy

Just need this to fully support video uploads and then it’ll be a five star.

Almost as good as OC

Almost as good as on cloud. I was a fan of OC until I had issues getting the free version to upgrade on my server. It seems that NextCloud is the original developers and founders of OC forming their own company again to make sure the product stays true to its purpose. This app is almost as good as the original, in fact it works a little bit faster. The only thing missing in keeping me from giving at five out of five stars as the missing quick index letters on the right side and touch ID capability.

No se puede firmar En la cuenta :(


Only gripe is that it needs ios11 files support

Please add an option to open links in other browsers



Easy to use open-source/free software

Want to move towards data independence but don't get the tech? Nextcloud makes it easy. Not only is the app free - it also doesn't cost anything!

Broke with iOS 11

Won’t connect to server anymore. Tried everything just doesn’t work at all.

iPad Multi-Task support Requested

I love the app. Please update for iOS 11 to include the ability to Mulit-Task. Thanks.

Works perfectly

I installed NextCloud server in a ODROID C2 at home, with duckdns and let's encrypt. The iPad client works really well at home and on 4G, speed is really fast when uploading from home, and works smoothly from other networks.

Crashes my server when browsing photos

Server: official nextcloud box Board: raspberry pi3 Problem: I have a folder with ~600 photos. Whenever I access it, it'll start loading some photos then stops. The server crashes and I won't be able to access the server or ssh Note: this problem doesn't happen when I access the same folder using the browser

Works great

Works great and does what I need.

Good app, but..

Loving the app so far, but ran into an issue today when I really needed to access an excel file. You can only view the first tab and no other. All else works good so far.

Great app, very user friendly

My wife has no issues using it, that's win in my book.

Great app

All around pretty great. The error message alerts could use a little polish.

Loving it so far!

Can't complain other than the iPhone app not updating files as fast as I'd like. But can't complain when everything else is great and free! Looking forward to what is next for Nextcloud.

No problems so far, and no crashes either

I've had no problems so far, and no crashes either. It works on a variety of networks. Great job!

Works great

App works way better then ownCloud

Works great

Connects and works great. No issues syncing to my home server.


Nextcloud is the glue that holds my digital data together. This mobile app is perfect to keep my data accessible and pictures in sync automagically. Great work guys, keep it up!

Pretty good

Nextcloud for iOS does what it's supposed to without fuss. I wish the the photo uploader would work without having to open the app every time but this isn't a deal breaker.

Great start for iOS app. Safeguards needed.

Thanks for all the hardwork on Nextcloud!! Suggestions: * Gallery View for files as in the Android client * Weak password option should at least offer numeric codes as option not just a pop-up keyboard. Not efficient IMHO * WebRTC video client to leverage use of server app while on mobile platform Safeguards needed: * Access to Trash folder for recovery of deleted a must on both mobile apps!! * Unlike Android version, delete doesn't show you option of deleting local copy or both. It just trashes it. Uniformity across OS' important

Great app

Just switched from owncloud, and loves what the new nextcloud 12 has to offer.

Great self hosted cloud, app needs attention.

I think the app has some minor problems (still cant figure out if it is possible to add a photo to favorites when in thumbnail view) but I still found it useful quite often until It suddenly started crashing a few seconds after transfers would begin. Persists still even after a handful of updates, cache removal, app reinstallation, and other misc. troubleshooting. Perhaps this isn't a widespread bug or just on my end. I would happily pay for this app if it had a little bit more of the web feel and less of just a desktop sync app. When it doesn't crash it is quick and very responsive, UI, thumb gen, and transfers but the mobile browsers just don't have the same snap to them. In a perfect world that trade off wouldn't have to happen but I support NC and it's a great tool with a great community including, of course, the devs. Keep up the good work.

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