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The best cloud!

The best cloud to keep all private information at yours own hardware!

Well made but a little buggy

Just need this to fully support video uploads and then it’ll be a five star.

It’s the best

Let’s me sync files between devices while maintaining control of them.

Almost as good as OC

Almost as good as on cloud. I was a fan of OC until I had issues getting the free version to upgrade on my server. It seems that NextCloud is the original developers and founders of OC forming their own company again to make sure the product stays true to its purpose. This app is almost as good as the original, in fact it works a little bit faster. The only thing missing in keeping me from giving at five out of five stars as the missing quick index letters on the right side and touch ID capability.

No se puede firmar En la cuenta :(


Only gripe is that it needs ios11 files support

Please add an option to open links in other browsers



Easy to use open-source/free software

Want to move towards data independence but don't get the tech? Nextcloud makes it easy. Not only is the app free - it also doesn't cost anything!

Broke with iOS 11

Won’t connect to server anymore. Tried everything just doesn’t work at all.

iPad Multi-Task support Requested

I love the app. Please update for iOS 11 to include the ability to Mulit-Task. Thanks.

Works perfectly

I installed NextCloud server in a ODROID C2 at home, with duckdns and let's encrypt. The iPad client works really well at home and on 4G, speed is really fast when uploading from home, and works smoothly from other networks.

Crashes my server when browsing photos

Server: official nextcloud box Board: raspberry pi3 Problem: I have a folder with ~600 photos. Whenever I access it, it'll start loading some photos then stops. The server crashes and I won't be able to access the server or ssh Note: this problem doesn't happen when I access the same folder using the browser

Works great

Works great and does what I need.

Good app, but..

Loving the app so far, but ran into an issue today when I really needed to access an excel file. You can only view the first tab and no other. All else works good so far.

Great app, very user friendly

My wife has no issues using it, that's win in my book.

Great app

All around pretty great. The error message alerts could use a little polish.

Loving it so far!

Can't complain other than the iPhone app not updating files as fast as I'd like. But can't complain when everything else is great and free! Looking forward to what is next for Nextcloud.

No problems so far, and no crashes either

I've had no problems so far, and no crashes either. It works on a variety of networks. Great job!

Works great

App works way better then ownCloud

Works great

Connects and works great. No issues syncing to my home server.


Nextcloud is the glue that holds my digital data together. This mobile app is perfect to keep my data accessible and pictures in sync automagically. Great work guys, keep it up!

Pretty good

Nextcloud for iOS does what it's supposed to without fuss. I wish the the photo uploader would work without having to open the app every time but this isn't a deal breaker.

Great start for iOS app. Safeguards needed.

Thanks for all the hardwork on Nextcloud!! Suggestions: * Gallery View for files as in the Android client * Weak password option should at least offer numeric codes as option not just a pop-up keyboard. Not efficient IMHO * WebRTC video client to leverage use of server app while on mobile platform Safeguards needed: * Access to Trash folder for recovery of deleted a must on both mobile apps!! * Unlike Android version, delete doesn't show you option of deleting local copy or both. It just trashes it. Uniformity across OS' important

Great app

Just switched from owncloud, and loves what the new nextcloud 12 has to offer.

Great self hosted cloud, app needs attention.

I think the app has some minor problems (still cant figure out if it is possible to add a photo to favorites when in thumbnail view) but I still found it useful quite often until It suddenly started crashing a few seconds after transfers would begin. Persists still even after a handful of updates, cache removal, app reinstallation, and other misc. troubleshooting. Perhaps this isn't a widespread bug or just on my end. I would happily pay for this app if it had a little bit more of the web feel and less of just a desktop sync app. When it doesn't crash it is quick and very responsive, UI, thumb gen, and transfers but the mobile browsers just don't have the same snap to them. In a perfect world that trade off wouldn't have to happen but I support NC and it's a great tool with a great community including, of course, the devs. Keep up the good work.

Photo sync has big problems

The whole point of downloading this app is to sync photos with a server. There are two big problems in this version: 1) Background sync doesn't work at all, and 2) You can't select a subset of (existing) photos to upload--it's all or none, which is a problem if you have a 128GB phone full of pics and you only want to upload (say) the last couple months' worth. I'll take another look when at least one of these problems is fixed.

loving it...

i tried OneCloud and then soon heard about and moved over to nextcloud - I set it up on a virtual server at liquidweb and it has run flawlessly upgrades are a breeze, initial installation was several versions ago and non-trivial but I got there and very glad I did. I'm now using this on two dozen devices and for our entire family's file sharing; including with third parties.

Great app

Can't wait till I can stream my media! 👍

Current version crashes my server

Whenever I use this version it takes down my server (mysqld). I increased memory but it still requires a restart every time. The web, desktop and android versions do not cause that problem.

Great solution if you want the benefit of cloud/collaboration without sacrificing your privacy

If you have the technical savvy to set it up securely and maintain it, this is an incredible platform. You get all the benefits provided by cloud and collaboration services while still being able to maintain control of your own data. It requires a bit of time to get working, but is well worth it.

Good for a few things

I just switched from ownCloud to NextCloud, and though I'm happy with the server itself, this app isn't quite something I was hoping for. The app is stabler and more reliable than the ownCloud app, but lacks in some features. If you want to use it for the simple backup of photos, it's excellent. However, it can't do many simple things, such as editing text files. I like the idea of the Cloud Crypto System, but it makes a large amount of clutter on the actual server (making 2 files with large, random names, maybe a hash of some kind. One file is the actual ciphered data, the other, a .plist file, is information about the algorithm used and the device that encrypted it in json-like format).

Better then Owncloud

I moved from Owncloud to Nextcloud and I'm happy I did. Much more features and I think they have much better community support. I'm glad I made the switch.

Work great

Work great, much better to owncloud app...

Great app, step up from OwnCloud 9

The encrypted files feature is actually pretty cool but would be nice if one could view the encrypted files via the website too. Looking forward to what comes next! Excellent work!

Great replacement for cloud storage app

I have setup this server at home instead of the most common ones and so far I'm happy with the results!

Works flawlessly

It is set up on my home server for a private cloud service. Works from the get-go, is polished, and the extra features beyond what Owncloud has are nice

Works for my Audio

This is a great front end to Nextcloud or OwnCloud. I use it to get my audio for guided meditation, it will play audio while the screen is locked and doesn't crash halfway through playback as does BitTorrent sync.

Serious stability issues

This app is very unstable on my iPhone 6. It typically crashes after being open for a few seconds, with approximately 900 photos in my upload queue.

Just a minor fix...

I don't know if you care or not but just an FYI, transfers***

I love the idea, but hate the fact

The NextCloud thing is amazing. You can buy a Raspberry Pi .. install a chip HDD on it. And you have you personal cloud. That you can use to share files and media between all you devices, whenever they are. But iOS app is glitchy. Plus, what the reason to have a cloud if files are not synced automatically, whenever you are in network. Windows phones app is just a Web-DAV client. So I hope support will read this comment - this is my message to them.

Crashes constantly

Initial install on an iPhone with 3,000+ pictures and 200 videos (some of which are large). The app's UI becomes unresponsive and repeatedly crashes. This could be a startup problem but it's a problem none the less. Not worth the time or aggravation.

Will crash your nextcloud instance

If you try to use this version of the app with Nextcloud 10.3 or 11.2 it will crash the instance and the webserver. Especially, happens on photo directories. Besides that it works fine.


Fast, simple, and I love the encrypted local caching! If you have a NextCloud server, use this, not the OwnCloud app. The OwnCloud app has nothing on this!

Any plans to incorporate 2FA login capabilities?

I wasn't able to try the app since I have 2FA activated for my login process. I'm not sure how difficult it would be to include the capabilities to login with 2FA, however from an end user perspective I really like the extra added security 2FA gives.

Pretty good

I like the simplicity and efficiency that a private cloud brings. Nextcloud has good desktop client and this app is also a good one. It works, and it meets my simple minimum needs. I hope the developers can continue to maintain this app. Thanks.

Not worth the dollar.

Go download ownCloud for free and connect to your nextcloud instance with it.

No 2FA

Useless if you have 2FA enabled. Why bother offering 2FA if you cannot use the mobile app with it?

The best

This app is honestly the best one I've used for automatic photo backup. And the best part is that my photos go straight onto my server at home. I don't need to worry about downloading them from some 3rd party or having that 3rd party resize my photos. Not only do I use this for photos but all of my documents! This app makes all my documents easily accessible while I'm on the go. You guys rock! Keep up the great work!

Great app

Does everything well. Much better than Owncloud. We are seeing real progress since Nextcloud came on the scene.


Have only had it in my phone for a few months, but find myself using it more and more. Very nice to have all my "documents" synced from my laptop.

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